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DotNetPanel Reseller How To Tutorials
1. How to Login as a Reseller
2. How to Create Hosting Plans
3. How to Create a Customer Account
4. How to Create a Peer Account
5. How to Update your Account Details
6. How to Update your Profile
7. How to Change your Reseller Password
8. How to Edit Email Notifications
9. How to Backup your Hosting Account
10. How to Create Hosting Account Addons
11. How to Enable Credit Card Payments
12. How to enable Offline Payments
13. How to Enable Paypal Payments
14. How to Enable Directi Domain Registration
15. How to Enable Enom Domain Registration
16. How to Set your Terms and Conditions in DotnetPanel

DotNetPanel Hosting Tutorials
1. How to Login DotnetPanel
2. How to Add a Domain
3. How to Create Websites
4. How to Create an FTP Account
5. How to Create an Email Account
6. How to Setup Email Forwarding
7. How to Create a MSSQL Server Database
8. How to Create a MYSQL Database
9. How to Create Users for a Database
10. How to use File Manager
11. How to Add Scheduled Tasks
12. How to Use the Application Installer
13. How to Backup / Restore your User Account
14. How to Create a Peer Account
15. How to Edit your Account Details
16. How to Create Custom Error Pages
17. How to Create an ODBC DSN (Data Source)
18. How to Add a Shared SSL Folder
19. How to Create a Sub-Domain.
20. How to View your Quotas
21. How to Use Reports

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