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Webmaster Resources | Dedicated Server Guide

A dedicated server is a single computer on a web hosting network that is leased or rented, and dedicated to just one customer. Dedicated server provider usually monitors server uptime, network connectivity, and routing equipment, while the customer generally controls and maintains the server software. Dedicated servers are usually used for websites who have outgrown their standard hosting account and require something more powerful, they are also used by large companies that require separate servers for emails, websites, and database services. Web hosting companies may have their sites spread on one or several servers. Dedicated servers are housed in data center, where service providers can monitor them close-up and have physical access to the servers.

The primary advantage of using a dedicated server over a typical shared hosting account is the dedicated resources and control available to you to manage your server/websites. Dedicated server customer usually has root access to install whatever software they desire, whenever required, giving them greater flexibility and administrative options. There's less chance for a hacking attempt because only a limited number of websites are hosted, not several hundreds sharing accounts, hence providing less targets. Dedicated server customers do not share resources, as those with shared hosting plans do; but rather, are at liberty to use all the resources available to them.

At PremiumReseller, we provide managed dedicated server in state-of-the-art data center backed by experienced 24/7 technical support. PremiumReseller is a leading provider of managed web hosting services for various-sized companies ranging from huge corporations to small and medium-sized businesses. By focusing on reliable customer support and high-end dedicated server management, our company delivers comprehensive managed web hosting services at only the fraction of a price others will offer you.

Below is a list of useful tutorials which you may use to get your server up and running, or simply securing your server.




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