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With your online venture growing dynamically, getting an ever increasing traffic stream on a daily basis and operating with enormous data volume, you should take care of a proper, more resourceful and reliable web hosting platform, since it is rather crucial to retain its optimal and uninterrupted performance. Is your website based on ASP or ASP.NET technologies? At Premium Reseller hosting company we are ready to offer you the perfect upgrade platform for your mission-critical web project Windows VPS web hosting.

Built using the industry-leading hardware and most breakthrough software technologies, all of our Windows VPS servers provide a superb, highly resourceful and reliable platform to launch any data and traffic-intensive websites with any specifications and advanced requirements. Powered by the Microsoft Hyper-V technology, they guarantee smart, on-the-fly resource allocation, ultimate server and website performance and absolute independence and isolation for every single virtual server account located on the same physical machine.


 Economy Windows VPS Hosting Eco 1 Eco 2 Eco 3 Eco 4
 Pure SSD 30 GB 50 GB 60 GB 80 GB
 Dedicated RAM 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB
 Processor (CPU) 2.1 Ghz 2 x 2.1 Ghz 4 x 2.1 Ghz 4 x 2.1Ghz
 Data Transfer 300 GB 500 GB 800 GB 1500 GB
 Hyper-V Technology
 SmarterTools Bundle x
 Server Location Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, London, Singapore
 Monthly Fee $14.95 $29.95 $59.95 $99.95

Browse through our extensive range of cutting-edge, fully-functional and still reasonably priced Windows VPS hosting plans that offer a bunch of highly effective and advantageous hosting options and features, including: Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 R2 OS support, the ability to host unlimited domains, web-based management, remote desktop access, weekly remote backup services, SmarterTools Bundle (of $800 value at no extra charge) and many others.

As a Windows VPS user, you will gain full administrative access to make any necessary server modifications, install third-party software and web applications, etc. For your ultimate user and administrator experience, we also provide a powerful, full-fledged web-based control panel, so that you can check resource usage, view CPU load, reboot your server and manage various other essential tasks in an efficient and hassle-free manner.

What's also especially important about our Windows VPS web hosting is that it is provided through our private turnkey cloud infrastructure ensuring the fullest possible server redundancy. From now on, you can enjoy total peace of mind knowing that your mission-critical business web projects are always up and running at their peak and accessible 24/7 from any geographical location. For the top Windows VPS servers backed by first-class support, look no further than PremiumReseller.com!

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