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WebsitePanel Windows Reseller
PremiumReseller provides windows reseller hosting service with DotNetPanel which is a very powerful control panel for windows hosting. DotNetPanel allows reseller to create/manage customer accounts, assign hosting space and Add-on resources to customer. End users use DotNetPanel to manage their hosting account such as add/remove email, view statistics, create database, backup & restore database.

There are two main concepts in DotNetPanel: hosting plan and hosting space. Hosting plan is a template of resource type and amount that you want to sell. Hosting space is a hosting package allocated to a customer.

Follow our step by step guide to create customer account with hosting space:

1. Creating Hosting Plan
Please make sure that you enable all resources available and assign quota for each resource: disk space, bandwidth, number of domains (including park domain), number of websites, FTP accounts, email accounts, mysql and mssql databases, dns, and statistics.
2. Create Customer Account
Create new user with user role or reseller role. Reseller role allows your customer to create hosting and sub account while a user can host their own domains only.
3. Create Hosting Space
Allocate a hosting space (hosting package) to your customer account. You can create hosting for the first domain in the hosting space by providing domain information in "Add External Domain" box and choose Create Website & Create FTP Account.

Steps to host a domain for yourself:

1. Add a domain
Select Hosting Space -> Domains -> Add Domain
You have to add a domain before adding other services like website, ftp, email.
2. Create Web Site
Create website for the domain you just add in step 1.
3. Create FTP Account, Email, and Databases
Please view details in Flash Tutorial number 1 to 5 in WebsitePanel Hosting Tutorial Series

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